Stop Exercising and Start Playing for Weight Loss

Many people in the world today are in need of weight loss help. There is a lot of guilt and depression associated with being overweight. Eating what can be perceived as boring foods only compounds the feeling. Exercise makes it even worse.
For some overweight people, there is nothing more unpleasant than the thought of exercising. Uncomfortable clothing, embarrassing gym memberships, sweat, huffing and puffing and turning red in the face do not make for a fun time.

But what if we looked at exercise in a different way? What if we stopped “exercising” altogether?

Find Something You Like to Do

Everyone has something that they like to do. Stop be embarrassed and get up and do it! Do you like to put on rock music and sing into your hairbrush while dancing around the house? Do you like to play a sport? Do you like to put on socks and slide on your wood floors? Do you like to balance on curbs and walls?

There is something out there that you can do that both requires movement and makes you smile. It does not have to be structured to help you lose weight. You don’t have to raise a sweat or check your pulse. Just get out there and have fun.

Commit to Having Fun

Once you find something that you enjoy doing, no matter how silly it is, commit to having fun every day, and at every opportunity. Instead of planned exercise: thirty minutes a day on the treadmill – boring! – Commit to balancing on the curb every time you walk somewhere for the next week.

Do you know that balancing on the curb can help you lose weight? More muscles are engaged, more calories burned, and if you do it all the time, it all adds up to weight loss!

Do It To Music

Most people like some sort of music with a peppy beat. So, unless funeral marches are your forte, put on some music when you are at home. Music with a quick beat will put a spring in your step, a bounce in your housework, and will help you lose weight by increasing your metabolism.

Get the Family Involved

Who loves to play more than kids? Teenagers may roll their eyes a bit when Mom starts singing into the hairbrush while sliding around the kitchen in her socks, but they won’t be able to stop from smiling either.

Kids make excellent role models in the quest for playtime fun. Turn off the TV and video games. Shut down the computer, and play together. Not only will it be great family fun, but also you will be helping each other form healthy habits. Having family involvement will help you lose weight.

People in need of weight loss help should stop focusing on exercise, and start thinking about playing and having fun. The guilt and depression will be replaced by an enjoyable activity that will give you much more than just sweat and aching muscles. Stop exercising and start playing if you want sustainable weight loss without torturing yourself at the gym.